ESI Grand Massif was one of the first schools
to provide group lessons for snowboarding,
come and take advantage of our years of experience.

Start to 6 yrs -- 9 people maximum per class…
Tests & medals free

* Nous consulter pour les plus jeunes.

Back in the 80s, ESI Flaine was one of the first schools to provide group lessons for snowboarding, come and take advantage of our years of experience.
Within small groups, led by our instructors, you follow a more modern style of tuition that favours learning snowboarding through games and enjoyment.

Social interaction, emulation, progress, adaptation and personalisation are our key words. With their weight of experience, our snowboard instructor team is here to share their boarding passion with you.
That first time you freestyle. That first moment across a powder field.

We keep our lessons small with a maximum of 9 people per class.

  Dates and timetable

TIMING : 18 hours (3h x 6d)
MORNING : Sunday to Friday, 6 days to 9:00 à 12:00
 : Sunday to Friday, 6 days to 14:00 à 17:00* 
(*13:30 to 16:30 Start to 01/02/22) 

 Meeting point

At the bottom of Gondola.


First day

For complete beginners, you can try the first day, see if you want to carry on.


 Skipass you need

Skipass are free for the children under 5 years!

You need this week :
  Minirider (Beginner)   Beginner skipass the three first days
  Board Bronze to Vermeil    Village skipass
  Gold Board   Grand Massif skipass

Timetable and prices (€)

Time   Low season High season
1 time 3 hours 45,00 55,00
6 x 3h Morning 9:00 to 12:00 215,00 245,00
6 x 3h Afternoon 14:00 to 17:00 * 215,00 245,00

Morning 6 days, 18 Hours: Sunday à Friday (3 hours - 9:00/12:00).
Afternoon 6 days, 18 Hours:Sunday à Friday (3 hours - 14:00/17:00)

* 13:30 to 16:30 until 02 February 2022

All prices

Low season

Start to 17/12/21 + 03/01/22 to 04/02/22 + 07/03/22 au 01/04/22 + 17/04/22 to end

High season

18/12/21 au 02/01/22 + 05/02/22 au 06/03/22 + 02/04/22 au 16/04/22

Not incuded in the price:
 Ski, sticks, shoes, helmet.

  Terms and conditions

and meeting points

For Les Carroz, Flaine or Mont saxonnex all informations you need regarding our organisation and our meeting points.

How's it going Meeting points

Your level

All our pupils are assessed at the end of the week (on Friday), during their class.
Groups: Each child will get his badge and progress record booklet (included in the lesson price)
Lessons: All pupils can be assessed after 6h private tuition, medall are included

Tests and medals


Ski area - Skipass

Possibility to link all lift passes to your ski lessons. From the 4 hours package to the 20 days package, Massif and / or Grand Massif. Sale of all your packages directly to the office..

All informations